Rustic interior design is one of the top 10 popular home styles in the US, according to the investigation by bustlingnest. Not only found in country living, rustic style also developed with modern elements to create a modern rustic space in the city living. In a rustic room, there are many elements of nature, and the texture and shape of wood materials have been preserved. It brings simple and inviting country charms to the spaces. Let’ s explore the creative rustic home decorating ideas.


What is rustic home style?

Rustic home style is a natural, aged and rough interior design, which is generally considered as the opposite of modern design. The rustic interior design focuses on wooden elements and tends to retain the natural patterns and textures of the organic materials, mixing with the subdued hues so that you will feel like staying in the casual, unpretentious, and countryside scenarios.


What’s difference between rustic and farmhouse interior style?

Since farmhouse style is also simple and dependent on the natural materials, e.g.: hardwood and plants, plenty of people would confuse the farmhouse style with the rustic style. Actually they have different emphasized points.

Farmhouse design, combining the rural elements and some modern decor, will make use of organic materials but refine them to create a new and clean look. The wooden and stone pieces would be well polished and manufactured with delicate appearance but still retain the natural touch or feel.

Rustic design decor tends to be raw and rougher than the farmhouse style. With less polishing and alteration, it will keeps the native shape of the raw materials as much as possible. The unfinished pieces, like stone fireplace, ceiling of bare wood, unrefined wooden chairs, showcase the style and attitude of country living.


How to decorate rustic home?

To create the rustic look in your home, we’ve concluded some rustic home decorating ideas. Hope those could help you furnish your home.


  1. Keep the original elements

Catering to the rustic interior design, follow the key features of the style your home. The real wood with weathered traces, dilapidated wooden beams, unpainted concrete columns, reclaimed wood mirrors, unadorned flooring, sliding wooden barn doors are the evidences of rustic design. Furthermore, you are able to directly use the tree stump as a side table or ottoman.


  1. Insist the neutral colors

Most rustic indoors may use white and cream to paint the wall, which makes the space bright and clean. Moreover, the neutral colors can be easily matched to other pieces. If you think white is boring, gray is not a bad choice as the basic color, and it is considered to be sleek and casual. Or blend with the wooden furniture pieces to add charms to the room.

Neutral Color for Rustic Home Decorating Ideas
Neutral Color for Rustic Home Decorating Ideas
  1. Inspired by the outdoors

The countryside living usually goes with nature. Thus bring the flowers, trees, grass, leaves inside as the secondary embellishments when decorating a rustic-style home. For the coastal living, introduce the sands, seashells, pebbles in the room to complete the rustic spaces. If you don’t have those natural items, try to adopt the pieces with the textures or colors of them, which will visually lead the people to the outdoors.

Bring Outdoor Plants Inside
Bring Outdoor Plants Inside
  1. Let the natural light inside

Similar to the farmhouse and mid century modern design, rustic design also prefers to build a large flooring window. The natural light can spill inside to strike the balance with outdoors of the village.

Large Flooring Window
Large Flooring Window
  1. Handmade and recycled materials

Besides the large pieces, DIY the accessories and accent pieces with the recycle materials. For examples, redesign a mirror with reclaimed wood frame; make a book-rack with unfinished boards. The handmade accessories would be unique and highlight your personal rustic flair.


  1. Opt for jar wall sconces and metal chandeliers

In addition to the introducing the natural lights, the inside lighting can also become the complement of the rustic design. Hang the jar wall sconces or brass bracket lights on the wall of the doorway; apply the brass chandeliers pairing with the wood beam ceiling, which add a touch of rustic charms from the entryway to the interior.

Rustic Living Room Light
Rustic Living Room Light
  1. Highlight the kitchen and dining table

The kitchen and dining room are the places that best reflect the rustic style of the house. Start with a wooden dining table or a kitchen island with raw stones; then place a handmade wooden sideboard; finally end with the brass-colored dinnerware or tabletop decors.

Traditional Home Interior Design
Rustic Dining Room Interior Design
  1. Mix with modern arts

It is not conflict to bring modern arts to enrich the unpolished pieces. Get the furniture with trendy colors, e.g.: olive green, aqua blue, smoky. Those chic colored pieces are appealing and add a ton of personality to the spaces. As the modern elements come to the rustic design, your home will be updated for modern rustic homes.


  1. Blend vintage textiles

When the neutral home decors and furniture blend with retro colorful textiles, it creates eclectic style and enrich the rustic interior design. Moreover, embrace the bold matching to style your personal house. Don’t be afraid to pair the antiques pieces with the rustic home style.


  1. Be practical

Whether you design or do for your home, focus on the functionality. Every pieces should be practical. A glass coffee table that can serve for drinking and storing is better than an elegant table with sharp edges in a small space. Use patterned throw pillows for both decorating and lumbar support. Thus, your rustic home would be both pretty and functional.

Black Glass Top Table
Black Glass Top Table

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