Thanksgiving day is a national holiday for celebrating the harvest and other blessings of the past year since 1621. It is celebrated on Thursday, Nov. 23, 2023. How will you celebrate the Thanksgiving day in 2023? If you have no idea to decorate a Thanksgiving table this year, read on to brainstorm some decor ideas.

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Guide to decorate a Thanksgiving Table


Step 1. Establish the keynote and then pair the decoration with the style.

Generally, people tend to use the colors of Fall and Winter as the basic tone of the Thanksgiving table. Then, add some warm-toned metal dinnerware to neutralize the cold Fall-Winter colors.

However, don’t forget to pick up a focal decorative point presenting the holiday flair of the tabletop so that the others can be laid out around it. The focal piece can be a bunch of flowers, and decorate it with the petals or fruits on the harvest table. How warm and romantic it is!

TIPS: You should roughly know the average height of your guests and family to make sure that the flowers on the tabletop cannot be higher than people’s noses. It will provide the comfortable experience of sitting and chatting with the opposite persons.


Step 2. Tablecloth will increase the holiday vibe.

Even though someone may skip tablecloth to keep the organic touch on the tabletop, it is the best ornament to the Thanksgiving table. People traditionally tend to opt for a white linen cloth for the table, but to add personality to the indoors, why not choose a special piece with bold color and funny patterns. To be noted that light colors might easily make the food stand out and seemingly-delicious.

TIPS: The tablecloth should be longer than the actual dimension of the dining table. It is suggested to pick one 80cm to 120cm wider and longer than the tabletop. It looks more elegant and neat.

Use Tablecloth for Dining Table
Use Tablecloth for Dining Table

Step 3. Pay more attention to the dinnerware.

As the important part of the gathering, the tablewares are worth spending time. The understated and elegant ceramic plates, delicate glass goblets, French-style forks and knives, pretty serving trays will perfect everyone’s dining experience anytime.

To emphasize the joy of a bountiful harvest and pair with the exquisite dinnerware, bring some apples, pumpkins, nuts and other fruits to the long tabletop.

Use Candles Pairing with Dinnerware
Use Candles Pairing with Dinnerware

TIPS: If you are the beginner to decorate a Thanksgiving table, it is relatively safe to choose white, brown, golden, silver colored cutlery. They are simple, easy-to-match but not monotonous.


Step 4. Introduce the candles to create party atmosphere.

Candles can be seen in the candlelit dinner for couples, wedding party, Halloween decoration since the candles are not only for decoration but also create lights and a warm tone inside, especially in the Winter. The candles can easily pair with bouquets, maple leaves and pumpkins.

Decorate Table with Candles
Decorate Table with Candles

Step 5. Prepare a Thanksgiving meal for family and friends.

Attentively prepare a meal for family and guests to express your appreciation to them. The traditional Thanksgiving recipes include roast turkey, pecan pie, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, green bean casserole and more. No matter what you cook, you will gain many thanks from the others and enjoy the dinner.

Prepare a Meal for Thanksgiving
Prepare a Meal for Thanksgiving

Bonus: Modern Thanksgiving Table Decor Ideas

  • Keep the table decoration neutral so that you can add or withdraw items from the table flexibly. Besides, your family and guests can dress up to easily match with the table with neutral colors.


  • Bring natural elements to make your dining table close to people. If you are using a wood table, get rid of the tablecloth to expose the wood patterns on the tabletop. Add the autumn elements inside, including the orange and yellow leaves, petals or canes to fit for the nature. Additionally, go airy and keep the fragrance of the plants to feel like you’re outside.


  • Use items with an autumn atmosphere. The autumnal dinnerware with metal accents will make the Thanksgiving gathering much more festive.


  • DIY the flower arrangements. Buy some stems and flowers in different kinds on your own budget. Then make the unique bouquet or garland for your Thanksgiving table, based on your style and table’s dimension.


  • Use pumpkin-shaped items to decorate the Thanksgiving table. Pumpkins are also the typical items appearing on Thanksgiving Day, and plenty of items are shaped as pumpkins to celebrate such festival. For example, try to decorate with the pumpkin-shaped napkin rings, mini faux pumpkins decors in different colors, hand-made pumpkin lanterns, pumpkin-like candlesticks, etc.


  • Customize the place card and name card for certain seating. Set a chalkboard written with your home location and topic of this gathering, at the door or in front of the dining table. Besides, buy or DIY some pretty cards with guests’names and place them in the corresponding seat. Thus, your guests will feel valued and take this dinner seriously.
DIY Name Cards for Every Seat
DIY Name Cards for Every Seat

In order to create a warm holiday vibe, a simple meal, a minimalist dining table, or even a festive tablecloth will make differences.

Please share your modern Thanksgiving table decor ideas with us and we’ll pick up the practical or interesting one to share with our readers.

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