As you tend to search for a flexible coffee table for your living room, the nesting coffee table is not a bad choice, especially for a small space. The nesting table set is a relatively-new solution to add style to your home and simultaneously add storage space. Let’s take a look at the stylish nesting accent tables and will you choose one of them to perfect your living room?

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What is a nesting coffee table?

The nesting coffee table set is always consisted of two tables at different heights and the lower one can be nested under the higher tabletop. It is also called stacking coffee table set. Thus, they are space-saving in a narrow living room but also keep extra space for enjoy coffee or tea. In the small apartment, the nesting table set is versatile as coffee table, gaming table, temporary dining table.


Why to use nesting coffee table set?

  • The nesting coffee tables are always minimalist and modern to fit most homes.
  • With different heights, the tables create the sense of layering and say goodbye to the monotone.
  • The table set of 2, 3, 4 or more, can be positioned in various shapes or separately. You are able to personally change the layout to keep freshness of your living space.
  • Nesting feature is appropriate for hiding the storage spaces so that it can keep your home neat.


How to choose a set of nesting coffee tables?

  • Based on your home decoration style, pick up a coffee table perfect for your ideal interior design. Don’t let it be the abrupt one in the living room.
  • Whether you need the storage function or not. It may waste your time to do some cleaning after one-day working, so how wonderful to choose a nesting table with drawers and made of easy-to-clean material.
  • Match to the sofa. Coffee tables and side tables should often go with the couch. The dimension should balance with the height and width of the sofa so every sitter can reach the tabletop easily. Learn how to pair tables with different sofas.
  • Consider the safety for the kids. A kid-friendly round corner of tabletop and the antiskid table legs will let the children run around freely.


Which kind of nesting coffee tables do you like best?

White Round Nesting Coffee Tables

Dimension High table: 31.50″ Diameter x 16.93″ H

Low table: 27.56″ Diameter x 13.39″ H

Material Faux marble tabletop, MDF tabletop and drawer, metal frame
Color White
Weight Capacity High Table:300  Low Table:220
  • The lower table can be nested to use for a small living room.
  • The unique marble patterns on the high table and the bright golden metal frame add modernity and luxury to the room.
  • Round nesting tables are kid-friendly.
  • It is a little heavy so please move it by adult or two people.
Round Nesting Table Set
Round Nesting Table Set

Sintered Stone Nesting Coffee Table Set

Dimension High table: 35.43 x 35.43 x 15.75 inch

Low table: 27.56 x 27.56 x 11.81 inch

Material Sintered stone tabletop, brushed-gold stainless steel base, MDF + solid wood body
Color White
Weight Capacity 260
  • Both tabletops are made of sintered stone which is heat-resistant, stain-resistant. Thus it is great for family-use.
  • Minimalist design with white color fits for most home styles.
  • Fully assembled.
  • It only has one drawer for storing, so it cannot hide large items.
  • It might be a little strange to make the high table stand alone in front of the sofa.
Sintered Stone Table Set with 1 Drawer
Sintered Stone Table Set with 1 Drawer

Stainless Steel and Glass Pedestal Coffee Table

Dimension Higher Table: 25.50″D x 15.35″H

Lower Table: 39.37″D x 12.60″H

Material Large Table: Stainless Steel

Side Table: Tempered Glass, Carbon Steel

Color Golden and Black
Weight Capacity 260
  • It would be the highlight of the living room due to the delicate and chic design.
  • Stainless steel tabletop and base of the low table ensure long lifespan.
  • The tempered glass top of the high table increases sense of modernity of the space and well reduces the risk of injury when crashing.
  • No storage space.
Stainless Steel and Glass Coffee Table
Stainless Steel and Glass Coffee Table


Stacking Table Set with Lift Top Design


Dimension Higher Table: 31.49″ Diameter x 15.74″

Lower Table: 27.55″ Diameter x 9.85″ H

Material Sintered Stone top, metal frame, MDF body
Color Black & White, Light Brown & White, Brown & White
Weight Capacity 110
  • Lift-top design of the higher table will add extra tabletop for working or drinking, even dining.
  • Spacious storing space of 2 drawers and one hidden compartment.
  • Easy to clean and people are able to gently wipe with damp cloth.
  • Manually assemble.
White and Brown Coffee Table Set
White and Brown Coffee Table Set

2 Piece Nesting Tables for Living Room

Dimension Higher Table: 23.62″Diameter x 17.32″H

Lower Table: 31.50″Diameter x 11.81″H

Material Sintered Stone top, metal base, MDF body
Color Black & White, Light Wood & White, Brown & White
Weight Capacity 200
  • Environmentally-friendly MDF and sintered stone are for durable use and maintain natural texture.
  • The 2 drawers and one hidden compartment can keep your home organized.
  • Different colors are right for modern, MCM, contemporary interior design.
  • Hardware may loosen over time. Periodically check that all connections are tight.
Wood and White Nesting Tables
Wood and White Nesting Tables



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