Does our coffee table have to match to the sofa? Actually, there is no definitively right answer. You can select a coffee table or ottoman that doesn’t pair with your sectional sofa. But they should be featured with the similar style or designed elements. For instance, a minimalist sectional should go with a concise table with sleek lines so don’t pick up the fancy or too colorful coffee table for sectional.

Furthermore, if you have no idea to pair the coffee or tea table and the sectional sofa, we’ve all been here to help you save time to choose the best coffee table.


How to Match A Coffee Table to Your Sectional Sofa

The furniture is the focal point of your living room, especially sofa and coffee table set. Thus you should be cautious when choosing the sofa and coffee table. In general, the sectional sofa is always the first-selected furniture while the coffee table is the afterthought to match with the sofa. You’ll feel easy to opt for the right table for sectional with the following suggestions.

1. Consideration to Pick up a Coffee Table

  • Placement: The coffee table is always positioned in front of the sofa or in the center of the sectionals. It is hassle-free to place the table in the living room, only if leaving enough space away from the edge of the sofa (about 14 inches to 18 inches). If you don’t consider to place a sofa for the living room, the placement of coffee table should pair with TV stand or the rug. Anyway, the placement is without suspense.
  • Size: The size is the vital element to directly affect your buying decision. Measurement is the must-to-do task when buying a coffee table furniture. Measure the length and width of the available space of the whole living room if you have not picked a sofa; once you have selected the sofa, measure the dimension of the sofa and the admissible space for coffee table. Remember or keep the measurements anywhere since it is beneficial to choose the furniture pieces at any time.
  • Rules of Height and Length: When you get the measurements of the available space for a living room table, please follow the rules:

–Leave enough distance between the sectional/couch and table for walking, which also depends on the somatotype your family members and walking habits. Some suggested to leave 12” – 18” away from the edge of the couch while some think 14/15 inches to 18 inches is better. No matter 12, 14, or 15, comfort is all that matters. Make sure the distance is at least 12 inches, and 18” is the maximum as it is hard to reach the table if it is too broad.

–The height of the table should be the same to the couch’s height or 1-2 inches shorter than the sofa. The height range is great for stretching your feet and creating a proper eye level from the seats.

–To create a balanced look of your living room, the length of the rectangle and square table, or the diameter of the round table is advised to be a half or two-thirds of the sofa.

  • Style: As it is mentioned before, you are able to select a living room table that does not pair with the sofa but it looks inharmonious. The balanced layout of your home will highlight  your style and show your design concepts. Try to imagine that a formal living room with a bold colorful coffee table, would it be strange? People also read Methods for indoor color matching.
  • Functionality: For daily usage, you need to consider the function of the coffee table. A narrow coffee table with storage is right for a small living room; a stylish table with unique pattern and design may suit for a chic living room or gallery; a lift-top coffee table also works as a coffee table for gaming or working.
Margos Lifting-Top Round Coffee Table
Margos Lifting-Top Round Coffee Table

2. Pair the Coffee Table with Standard Sofa

For a standard couch, any type of coffee tables can be picked. The rectangle and oval are popular as the long side is convenient for the seaters to access the cups or snacks. If you are the round-table -lovers, turn to the round table set of 2, which can also match to the long couch.

Round Table for Standard Couch
Round Table for Standard Couch

3. The Best Coffee Table for Square or Corner Sectional

As each sides of your sectionals are with same length or it is the corner sectional sofa, the square round table are suitable and let every seater easily access to the tabletop. Moreover, the width of each side should be shorter than the couch’s length.

Christmas Decoration By Touch Feeling
Round Tea Table for Beige Couch

4. What is the Best Coffee Table for L shaped Sectional?

Sofa with chaise or L-shaped sectional are commonly-seen. Absolutely, one side is longer than the other one, so the oval shaped tables and rectangular coffee tables are the best choices.

Rectangle Shaped Table for Chaise Lounge
Rectangle Shaped Table for Chaise Lounge

Additionally, some creative shaped tables may also fit it perfectly. For example, this unique connected coffee table set will bring chic and and artistic vibe to your living room.

Creative Shaped Table for Sectional
Creative Shaped Table for Sectional

5. What is the Best Table for U Shaped Sectional?

U-shaped sectional set can offer more seats and is quite perfect for large living room. There are three sides of the sofa for seating, so it is proper for conversation or casual meeting with a coffee table. The oval, rectangle or even round and square can be available. For the U shaped sectional, it is better to equip with one more side table for holding more items.

This matching rule also works for the 2-piece or 3-piece couch set as below. The length of each couch is the same.

Oval Table for U Shaped Sofa
Oval Table for U Shaped Sofa

Now, do you have initial ideas to select a coffee table for sectional? Those coffee tables above can bring both functionality and beauty to your life. If you still don’t find the ideal table for sofa, browse more here.

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