Based on the customers’ selections and reviews, we’ve picked up the 5 best selling TV consoles of Povison , which are in different styles, types and even fit for different scenario. Now, let’s get them compared.

Comparison among the 5 best selling Povison TV consoles

Top 1. Solid Wood Slatted TV Media Console

–Color: Wood, Black

–Material: Soild Wood Veneered MDF Board, Metal Feet


S: 70.87″W x 15.75″D x 21.65″H

M: 78.74″W x 15.75″D x 21.65″H

L: 94.49″W x 15.75″D x 21.65″H

(The height of legs is 5.91” from the floor.)

–Weight: S: 74.8lbs/ M: 77lbs/ L: 83.6lbs

–Weight Capacity: 110 lbs


  • The slat door design adds aesthetics to the minimalist TV console. If you love the tamboured door or louvered shaped door, this minimalist solid wood TV furniture must be the best choice for your living room.
  • The natural wooden pattern on the surface and the slat make each one unique.
  • The bottom is supported by the metal with black powder coating. The tall-cast metal feet and X-shaped supported frame keep it stable and pretty.
  • The walnut and black color can be opted for different styles of interior design, including modern, mid century modern, rustic, formal style.


The right angled corner may be not suitable for the careless people and children since they may get bumping inadvertently.

How customers said:


Love this piece. Its modern aesthetic, ventilation, and ability to allow remote controls to still access devices with closed doors. Came with no damage or scratches. Fits under a 85” TV perfectly.

Top 2. Floating TV Entertainment Console

Wall Hung TV Entertainment Center
Wall Hung TV Entertainment Center

–Color: Wood & Black, Wood & White, Black, Wood

–Material: MDF, Rubberwood, Pinewood


S: 78.74″L x 14.57″W x 9.84″H

L: 94.49″L x 14.57″W x 9.84″H

–Weight: S: 132lbs / L: 150lbs

–Weight Capacity: S: 77lbs / L: 95lbs


  • The simplest design fits well for any home style and house types, like modern small apartment, contemporary living room of mansion, etc.
  • The floating cabinet saves the flooring space.
  • Convenient to do some cleaning manually or by cleaning robot.
  • Curved corner is perfect for kids.


  • It needs to be mounted onto the solid wall since the nails and gallows should be firmly hung on the load-bearing wall. Thus, if your TV background wall is not the solid wall, it may be not suitable.
  • The load-carrying capacity is less than the freestanding TV console in the same size.

How customers said:


My tv stand came in perfect condition! The moment I saw it, I knew I got the right one! The wood is so beautiful, true to the photos. The quality is amazing! Stand can support my 85 inch TV, no problem. Installation was a breeze with professional delivery team. Money well spent!

Top 3. Modern Projector TV Cabinet

–Color: Black and white


Sintered Stone Table Top; Stainless Steel Base; Solid Wood Drawers


S: 78.74″W x 17.72″D x 11.02″H

M: 102.36″W x 17.72″D x 11.02″H

L: 118.11″W x 17.72″D x 11.02″H

–Weight: S: 83.6 / M1:99 / L: 114

–Weight Capacity: 180lbs


  • The projector stretching platform is retractable so you can take it in to make the whole TV stand integrated or pull it out to adjust the distance between the projector and screen. It is perfect to create a home theater, so it has become the 3rd of the best selling TV consoles recently.
  • Sintered stone tabletop is easy to clean and the white smooth surface with stone patterns brings chic and elegant vibe to your home.
  • The tambouverd drawers with spacious space combine beauty and functionality together.
  • The sturdy stainless steel base ensures firmness, long life-span, and dust-free.


When the projector stretching platform is pulled out, you should pay more attention to the right angle of the corner. Try to avoid hitting the platform.

How customers said:

Rudolphe Joud**:

Very nice unit. Exactly what we wanted and needed. Well packed and full-assembly.Projector screen, watching movies at home.

Top 4. Large Entertainment Center with Drawers

–Color: Black, White, Wood


Wood: Walnut Wood Veneered MDF Board

Black, White: Wood Veneered MDF Board


S:78.74″W x 15.75″D x 13.78″H

L: 118.11″W x 15.75″D x 13.78″H

–Weight: S: 127.6 / L: 143

–Weight Capacity: No more than the weight of the product itself


  • The whole TV furniture is in the same color to perfectly keep the unitarity so it is great for whose who has no idea to select the color combination.
  • The solid wood veneered MDF board, solid pinewood drawers, and carbon steel pedestal are eco-friendly and fully guarantees firmness.
  • Without spare space at the bottom, you will spend less time in cleaning it.
  • The neutral colors are easy to match with other furniture, e.g.: coffee table, sofa.


  • Some customers may care about the kid-unfriendly right-angle corner.
  • It usually suits for minimalist modern home style. For luxury or colorful indoor design, please turn to pick other TV consoles.

How customers said:


I read all the reviews before purchasing. Its always a little skeptical when everyone has positive reviews, but it was exactly as everyone said – The table is lovely, solid, and well made. I am happy with my purchase so far.

Top 5. Lowline Media Console with Open Storage

Modern Wood White TV Stand
Modern Wood White TV Stand

–Color: Black/White, Walnut Veneer Wood


Wood: Walnut Wood Veneered MDF Board

Black, White: Wood Veneered MDF Board


S: 78.74″W x 15.75″D x 14.96″H

L: 94.49″W x 15.75″D x 14.96″H

–Weight: S: 195lb/ L: 218lb

–Weight Capacity: 110lb


  • Color combo media console will add vivacity and variability to your house.
  • Lowline design of the bottom is cleaning-free.
  • Open shelves are capable to store daily items as well as projector or DVDs.
  • The cutouts at the back of the open compartments is beneficial for cord management.


There are four colors for selection but the dimensions are limited so if you want a smaller lowline media console, it cannot satisfy your need.

How customers said:


The tv stand was package extremely well. The assembly was relatively easy. The color is a rich walnut. Its a warm finish, understated which is what I was looking for. It’s a classic, timeless design and I trust we will have it for a long time. Really happy with this purchase! Thank you.

FAQs about TV Stand Selection

1. How to opt for a right TV console of the top 5 above?
There some general and private elements that influences your option for a TV console. Before purchasing the TV stand, please check the consideration here.

2. How to find the right size of the TV stand for your living room?
Your TV stand’s height and width depend on the distance from the floor to the average sightline and the TV’ inches. Get more information to select the right dimension of your TV furniture here.

Those 5 are the best selling TV consoles in 2022 at Povison, which are concluded by customers’ wishlist and shopping history. Which one is your favorite? Share your option below.

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