How regal and elegant your living room is, if it is equipped with velvet furniture! Velvet has been the widely chosen by the designers to bring inside. Until now, it is still a popular material for sofa and accent chairs.

It is important to clean velvet furniture, otherwise it will become a habitat for bed bugs, dust, and bacteria, which may easily cause skin allergies and respiratory disease. On the other hand, you must also hate a dirty furniture in your living space. Thus, we’ve concluded the tips and guide to clean velvet furniture.

How to Clean Velvet Chairs as New
How to Clean Velvet Chairs as New

Why Will You Choose Velvet Furniture?

  • The velvet couches or chairs provide soft touch and comfortable sitting experience.
  • Those furniture add practicability to the living spaces.
  • Velvet furniture is designed to be durable and can last for years. The material has a flat, dense fluff that resembles carpets, which helps increase its durability.
  • The velvet pieces work with their aesthetic values. The velvet ottoman, album frame, rugs, curtains would blend in with fashionable and luxurious look.
Velvet Fabric Ottoman
Velvet Fabric Ottoman

How Often Will you Clean the Velvet Chairs or Sofa?

It is suggested that the velvet furniture should be cleaned up once a week. Certainly, it depends on the degree to which the velvet gets dirty. For a family with kids and pets, the velvet furniture may get dirty easily so you need to maintain the velvet more frequently. Even though the common dusts and scraps won’t destroy your velvet chairs, try to clean it up as soon as possible or blot it up with tissues and never rub.

Clean the Velvet Chairs or Sofa
Clean the Velvet Chairs or Sofa

What Should Your Prepare to Do Velvet Furniture Cleaning?

  • Fabric brush
  • Gentle dish soap
  • Clean water
  • Soft microfiber cloth
  • Tissue
  • Hairdryer
  • Clothes steamer


Complete Steps to Clean Velvet Furniture

1. Use soft brush to brush the velvet

The soft brushes or professional sofa vacuum cleaners are able to clean up the dusts in the cranny. The dust inside the place where you brushed, will loosen, which is conducive to sucking away; And the vacuum cleaner itself can also cope with the dust mites in the gap of the sofa and directly suck it away. When thoroughly cleaning, the entire area of the furniture should be covered, from top to bottom, from the left to right.


2. Partially cleanup the stains

If you just tend to remove the fragments in certain area of the velvet furniture, you need to use a wet sofa cloth to slightly wipe that part. Don’t wipe strongly, as this can cause smudges to seep into the velvet, which will be harder to clean. As it gets dry, you can notice whether the stains or debris are removed.


3. Completely do some cleaning

Clean up the whole velvet furniture piece as how to do partially, which would make the interior color look more uniform. For advanced cleaning, the water may be not enough, so here comes with the soap. Mix the water and the gentle dish soap; then use a microfiber cloth with the mixture cleaner to suck up the dirt.


4. Let it dry

It may take several hours to wait the velvet pieces to naturally dry. To speed up the process, use the hairdryer with the lowest setting. The setting with high temperatures may have the velvet fade.


5. Use steam to remove creases

The velvet upholstered items would be creased after a long use or sitting. You are able to use the garment steamer or steamer iron to remove the wrinkles but to be noted that the steamer should be a few inches away from the fabric and turn to the low temperature setting. For the velvet rugs or small velvet pieces, put them onto the steamer directly to eliminate the creases and get rid of the germs at the same time.

Remove Creases of Velvet Sofa
Remove Creases of Velvet Sofa

Tips and Tricks

  • Please dispose the spills and stains
  • Use the vacuum cleaner to get the dust out.
  • The vapor can help to make it flat.
  • Before cleaning with a new cleaning supplies, test it in the hidden area.
  • Keep away from the sunlightto prevent fading; or use the sofa covers to shield.

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