Bedroom Decorating Ideas For Couples 2022

Modern Bedroom Ideas

Bedroom is necessary for every home and it should be comfortable and inviting so that you can relax yourself and curl up in it after a busy and tiring day. Generally, the couples’ bedroom is the primary bedroom, usually the largest bedroom in the home, while the guest bedroom or child’s bedchamber may be smaller than it. Therefore, for married couples, the bedroom is the common private space for two people, so most of couples would work together to design the romantic and comfy room blending the functionality and modern aesthetic.

It is challenging to create a modern bedroom that both of you love, so something may be compromised when the disagreement comes. To meet with most modern bedroom design ideas, this article covers 10 bedroom decorating ideas for couples.


Ten Modern Decorating Bedroom Ideas for Couples

Those bedroom ideas for couples must be helpful to update your bedroom and make it full of love. Get started with your spouse here.

1. Decide the Style and Layout

If you have a fantastic idea to decorate your bedroom, negotiate with your spouse and try to agree on the same opinion. When you make sure the style of the bedroom, e.g.: modern, vintage, romantic, etc., draw the layout of the furniture and decors in the bedroom. Then, follow the scheme to adjust the interior design and purchase the furniture. Once you two tend to paint the wall in color, white, gray or light color is the safe choice for interior decoration since it is easy to match with other elements. It is significant to design the bedroom based on the measurement and your daily usage habits.

Modern Elegant Bedroom

2. Pick Up the Necessary Piece: Bed

A bed is the must-have piece of the bedroom so you may spend more time in selecting. It always takes the most area of bedroom and establishes your bedroom style. Pick up the one that you both love and consider whether it should be equipped with storage space, if you own a narrow bedroom. The minimalist design will not be easily obsolete and the premium materials, like eco-friendly solid wood or metal frame, will ensure the durability and stability.

Modern Bed in Minimalist Design

3. Install a Right Closet

As you don’t have a standalone cloakroom, closet or dresser should be installed in the bedroom to keep your clothes and other articles of daily use. Couples may need a big closet to save clothes for four seasons but please also consider the appearance of the closet to match with your bed and interior style. If you have selected a modern minimalist bed, a closet or dresser in neutral color may suit for the your bedroom design. Then place the closet in the right position and leave enough distance between a bed and the wall or closet, which is generally 24 inches. For a small bedroom, it is better to customize the closet to fit the living space.

4. Makeup Vanity for the Hostess

Every female needs a makeup vanity with mirror to make up and dress up. Besides, the makeup vanity can also enhance your interior design style. For example, for a modern bedroom, a white dressing table with LED lighted mirror and golden legs will add stylish and classy vibe to the space. For a vintage room, the wooden dressing table with rattan door design should be a great option. The vanity table with ottoman should balance with the bed, wall, curtains.

Modern White Dressing Table

5. Let the Nightstand Organize Your Items

If your bed does not stand against the wall, place a nightstand next to the headboard. Its drawers and tabletop can keep the books, mobile phones, table lamps, alarm clock and more organized. In addition to its functionality, it can work for a decor piece for your comfortable bedroom. Pick an elegant nightstand, which is suitable for the bed, for your room to improve your room’s classy tone.

White Nightstand with Drawers

6. Opt for the Warm Lighting

The lighting fixture including the ceiling light, sconces and table lamp, can bring out the cozy and inviting feeling. Don’t choose the large chandelier like the living room’s, but the simple lampshade design of the dimmable light is perfect for bedroom. The sconces and table lamps can not only work for illumination but also for decorating the bedroom to be stylish and comfy.

Modern Luxury Wall Light

7. Pick up a Well-Patterned Rug

Rug beside the bed lets the couples read and play games on it. Moreover, the chic pattern of the rug can get your bedroom more personalized and stylish.

8. Add the Wall Decor or Wall Photo

Everyone has different taste in art so you may have different opinion in selecting the wall art for your bedroom with your spouse. When the conflict comes, select your family photo and decorate with a nice frame to hang over the bed. Or try to choose a sunburst mirror which offers hints of mid-century modern vibes and cannot run out of style. This wall decor would be the centerpiece of the bedroom as well as the bed and its mirror welcomes the reflection of the natural light from the side window. I think most couples will satisfy with this elegant wall decorative item.

Elegant Sunburst Mirror


9. Layers of Bedding, Cushions

Don’t ignore the layers for a bed, which also can add a touch of romance to your bedroom. The soft blankets and mattress will let the couples sleep comfortably and make your bedding look cozy. Think about to opt for the pillows, cushions, quilt featured with linen, silk or premium cotton to provide great visible and touchable experience.


10. Bring in the Candles

Different from table lamps, candle is the best choice to decorate your home through sight, smell and feeling, which are the three of five senses. It can naturally generate the romance, especially coming with the aromatic substance. When lighting up the real candles, please pay attention to the fire and here suggest to select the safe but elegant candle holder to prevent the fire blowing out.

Modern Luxury Style Golden Sculpture Portrait Candle Holder

Follow these bedroom decorating ideas to refresh your bedroom and give you the all-new bedroom experience.

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