When you are refreshing your house or replacing a piece of furniture, are you considering the grown-up furniture for your children? Here are some best kid-friendly furniture ideas to create a safe and comfortable environment for your son or daughter.

Rules to Pick up Grown-up Furniture for Children

Most mothers have the same opinions on selecting child-friendly furniture or household items:

  • Eco-friendly and non-toxic, including it won’t shed and create toxic stuff to the space.
  • Safe without sharp shape, for example, try to select the round shape or round corner of the home furniture and household items.
  • Stand stably and firmly. Try to opt for the firm furniture since the children would climb and crawl on the high chair or tables due to their nature. The unstable furniture would make them easily fall down and get injured.
  • Easy to clean. The upholstered material should be not hard to clean as the children would unintentionally make it dirty or you may tend to clean it up from time to time to promise the interior cleanness for your family.
  • Doesn’t need to be cleaned immediately it gets dirty. For the busy mothers, there are lots of housework to do so the unexpected cleaning task is just an aggravation.


10 Tips to Choose the Best Kid-Friendly Furniture

1. Pick up the Best Upholstery;

Ultrasuede, microfiber or leatheraire upholstered sofas are great for children. The ultrasuede is hard to tear up and great for kids and pets, while microfiber is durable and affordable. Leathaire looks like leather but it is more scratch and stain resistant. Leather is also suitable for a family with kids due to its durability and cleanability but it is more expensive than leathaire.

Pick up the Best Upholstery of Sofa for Kids

2. Try to select the solid wood or metal material;

It is very important to create a non-toxic environment for children, and the material is a vital factor. Solid wood and metal furniture will not give off the toxic stuff, such as formaldehyde, while the particleboard and fiberboard may contains some formaldehyde stuffs since they use glue to combine the elements together. In addition, select the kid-friendly paint on the furniture without toxic chemical material and flavor.

3. Cover Up with a Slipcover;

Children would easily brings some oil, biscuit crumbs and other little things to the sofa. At this time, slipcover can well protect your sofa, especially the light sofa. Once your sofa gets dirty, you are able to clean the slipcover or even change it in other design if you don’t like it.

4. Use Round Corner;

For opting for the tables, you’d better skip all sharp corners of the furniture and select the round corners for your children. Otherwise, your children would easily get injured after smashing the body on the corner. If you don’t tend to replace the furniture, you can DIY the corner shape or buy the corner protectors for the sharp corners.

Modern Round Dining Table

5. Add the Area Rug;

Rug can not only provide a flooring space for the cute family member to play, but also protect the children when they fall down, as well as the floor can be protected from scratching. Don’t forget to select a carpet with anti-slip pad to ensure the safety.

6. Make Use of Storage Furniture;

As we know, plenty of stuff would come after the birth of your child, including the toys, books, dinnerware, milk powder can, etc. Thus, the storage furniture will help you orderly organize the items. Refuse the chaos with the TV stand or coffee table with large drawers, storage ottoman, storage beds and more.

Storage Bed

7. Hang your Bookshelves to the Wall;

Most houses own bookshelves to save the books and magazines. Compared with the freestanding shelf, the wall-mounted bookshelf is relatively safer since it is not easy to fall down if the children push it or climb onto it. Some of them may even save the flooring space.

8. Keeping Some Furniture Low;

The low-profile sofas and couches, low coffee tables and side tables are friendly to the kid, which allows them reach the items on the tabletop without help. It is beneficial to develop their independent habit. Besides, it is dangerous if the kids climb onto the higher furniture.

9. Decorate with Kids Art;

Besides the common wall arts, here suggest to choose the kids’ art or album to decorate the warm and funny room for your smallest family members. Those can record your kids’ growth. Or you are able to select the artwork made by the kids and your family.

10. Leave Child’s Reading Place

A independent space is significant for every kid so they can play or study there. If you tend to leave the space for the children, you can draw the layout of that space before decorating your house. Or you are able to take away the coffee table or select the movable small coffee table to save enough area for them.

Wood Farmhouse Coffee Table with Open Shelf


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