Pedestal coffee table is similar to pedestal dining table in the aspect of shape, whose central tabletop is supported by the single column. Yet, pedestal coffee tables have more variants of the bases. Due to the smaller dimension than the dining table, the pedestal tea tables, side tables, coffee tables with the the same pedestal to dining table, look more elegant and exquisite. The unique design of the base under the capacious tabletop will be eye-catching in your living room. Check out the gorgeous accent pieces below.

1. Round pedestal coffee tables

Round Table Set of 2 with Docks

This coffee table set of 2 includes a low table and a high table, and both of them are featured with pedestals. When they are placed together in front of the sofa or on the rug, the coffee table set will let you enjoy your leisure time of a cup of coffee or tea. The low table with stainless steel in different colors and the high one with tempered glass tabletop fit well for the interior design with dark color, adapting to modern and light-luxury living room style.

Metal Pedestal Table
Metal and Glass Top Pedestal Nesting Table Set

White Coffee Table with Black Base

Note: This product is unavailable now but you still can browse more pedestal side tables here.

Plenty of customers selected this side table due to its hourglass base and the golden bordure, which expose the delicate layout and add chic vibe to the space. The multi-purpose table is able to work as a side table, a bed table, a coffee table in the living room, guest room, office, etc.

Pedestal Side Table
Pedestal Side Table

Vase-like Side Pedestal Table

You will discover a classic round pedestal coffee table here. The gentle coffee table comes with a gold-plated metal tray top and glass base. The vase-like design of the base and green color unveils the artistic sense. You are able to select the right dimensions for your living room. The small one with 19.67″Diameter x 21.65″H can be used as a side table or coffee table which will be eye-catchy point of your house or office.

Vase-shaped Pedestal Table
Vase-shaped Side Pedestal Table

Modern Drum Coffee Table with Pedestal

What a special pedestal coffee table it is! This drum like coffee table with a firm foundation standing in the living room will win an honorable mention. The sintered stone top is easy to clean and maintain while the gold-plated stainless steel base provides stable structure. Besides the tabletop, the inside two drawers also provide ample space for storing.

Drum Coffee Table with Black Base
Drum Coffee Table with Black Base


2. Rectangular pedestal coffee tables

Different from the traditional round tabletop, the rectangle shape with the central column is sometimes called pedestal style coffee table.

Rectangular Coffee Desk with Pedestal

Compared with other pedestal coffee tables, this modern concise table brings rectangular tabletop shape and two drawers design. The bulky base well ensures firmness and stability so it is not easy to topple over even though you place the items with uneven weight on the two sides of tabletop.

Rectangular Wood Coffee Tables


3. Square wood pedestal style coffee tables

Modern Concise Coffee Table with Drawers

It looks like the rectangular pedestal shaped coffee table above. They are made of the same material and both offer black and brown color for selection. The low base is veneered with the same color as the table top to give the integrity. The two drawers inside the square table make your room chaos-free.

Nordic Pedestal Side Table for Living Room

Note: This coffee table is not available now but you can pick up the other pedestal tables at Povison store.

The woo square pedestal side table brings a tray-like tabletop and trapezium base, which can maximize the stability and beauty. The whole wood color makes itself perfect for Scandinavia and farmhouse, MCM living room style. In addition, the tray tabletop with round corners can prevent people from injury and prevent items from falling down.

Square Pedestal Side Table for Living Room
Square Pedestal Side Table for Living Room

Explore more pedestal tables with different designs for your living space, the glass pedestal table, a vintage pedestal entryway table, an eclectic pedestal beside table included. If you have other elegant pedestal design, share with us in the following comment.

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