Earth Day is an annual event on April 22 to demonstrate support for environmental protection, and first held in 1970.Threatened by severe environmental crises, like oil spills, smog, and river pollution, over 20 million people took to the streets and organized teach-ins to raise public awareness about environmental protection. It was the largest civic event that has taken place. Governments of various countries were urged to take specific actions including passing environmental legislation and establishing environmental agencies. Besides these valuable practical results, it also demonstrated the importance of our shared efforts in promoting environmental protection.

In 2009, the United Nations General Assembly officially designated this day as International Mother Earth Day.

What makes Earth Day so important now?

Individuals can readily understand the importance of free access to clean air. Stopping the act of damaging the environment without restraint is an urgent matter. Thus, Povison is dedicated to sustainable development and treats the protection of our customers’ health as our life-long career.

What we have been working on?

1. Sustainable Purchasing

We purchase as much FSC® certified, recycled and up-cycled wood as possible (while reducing the waste). With the material, we hope that we can contribute to enhance sustainable forest management and support the protection of biodiversity, as well as bringing social and economic benefits to local communities. Our forestry practices are carefully reviewed to protect the diversity of flora and fauna and to ensure long-term forest protection.

Select the Natural Material

2. Maximize the Use of Natural Materials

We use natural materials like natural fabrics, stone, non-toxic veneer with containing VOC as low as zero. Many of our product series have passed the test of harmful chemicals substance to keep you safe and healthy.

Design the Furniture Layout

3. Completely Manual Assembly

The furniture is hand-assembled by our workers to improve durability and to reduce carbon emissions. Furniture that lasts is important for reducing waste.

Manually Assemble

4. Creating Sustainable Jobs

We work with artisan groups around the world, to help preserve their traditional craft and create opportunities for a sustainable employment, especially in the remote areas.

Handmade Wooden Furniture


Povison is, and will, continue our promise, always contribute us to protect the earth together with you, and create a safer and healthier space for you by providing healthy high quality furnitures. You can always trust Povison that we are not only getting from the environment, but we also give back to the environment!

Check out our new spring day natural collection, which is made entirely from environmental-friendly materials.

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