Does your entryway always clutter? The entryway usually keeps the shoes, umbrellas, coats and other belongings, so it is easy to get in a mess, especially when you bring lots of things back to home. Generally, shoes take up most space of the hallway. If the hallway of your house is large enough, you are able to set some cabinets to declutter. For small spaces, ultra-thin shoe storage cabinets or wall-mounted cabinets will help you resolve the big headache. A neat entryway space would reflect your family lifestyle and leave a good impression on the guests.

To pick up a right shoe cabinet for your home, check the following reviews and the questions that you most care about.


Part 1. Top 5 Shoe Storage Cabinets to Organize Your Entryway

Part 2. FAQs about Shoe Storage Cabinets


Top 5 Shoe Storage Cabinets to Organize Your Entryway

1. Ultra-thin Shoe Storage without Stool

This narrow shoe storage cabinet is designed with tipping-bucket compartments. Only with 7.87 inch thin, this shoe cabinet can stand alone beside the wall or behind the door, even though the width of your entryway is quite narrow. Equipped with 4-layer compartments, it is available for storing your handbags. Besides the inside compartments, the tabletop also provides space for displaying the small decorative items and knick-knack. Its silent buffer door hinge ensures the noise-free and smoothness when opening and closing the doors.


Size 54.33 x 7.87 x 49.61 inch
Shoe capacity 12-18 pairs
Color Walnut & Gray; Walnut & White
Material Plywood+Walnut Veneer
With Stool or not NO
Review from One Customer  “There is no noise when opening and closing the stools and cabinets. The hinges of the links have a cushioning effect, which is very good and highly recommended.”
Narrow Cabinets for Hallway
Narrow Cabinets for Hallway

2. Modern Wood Shoe Storage for Small Spaces

This POVISON shoe cabinet is similar to the former one due to the same tipping-bucket design. With the same dimensions, this freestanding small shoe storage cabinet is featured with curved corners and without legs. Such a shoe cabinet is FSC certified, made of environment-friendly E0 grade MDF boards, can bear 240 lbs. It offers three colors for selection so it must fit for your home design.


Size 54.33″D x 7.87″W x 49.21″ H
Shoe capacity 16 pairs
Color Walnut & White; Walnut & Gray
Material E0 Grade MDF Board with Natural Walnut Veneer
With Stool or not NO
Review from One Customer The light luxury feel of this shoe cabinet truly enhances the overall aesthetic of my entryway. Its glossy finish and slim design give it a high-end look that perfectly complements my home decor. I’ve received many compliments from guests on its stylish appearance.Guests always ask me where they bought them when they come in to change their slippers.
Freestanding Shoe Cabinet without Legs
Freestanding Shoe Cabinet without Legs

3. Elegant Beige 6-Door Side Cabinet

For fitting for modern and luxury home style, the chic beige shoe cabinet is made of eco-friendly MDF, approved by EPA and CARB. Its 11.81 inches width is perfect for a small entryway space. The striped-design doors unveil the fashionable and classy tone. Moreover, this cabinet can be used both as an entryway shoe cabinet or a sideboard for dining room.


Size 59.05 x 11.81 x 53.15 inch
Shoe capacity 20-24 pairs
Color Beige
Material MDF
With Stool or not No
Review from One Customer “glad to received this customized color , thank for povison team”
Mid-century Modern Shoe Cabine
Mid-century Modern Shoe Cabinet

4. Modern Storage Cabinet with 3 Doors

Different from the former shoe storage cabinets, your are able to place the shoes flatly in this shoe organizer. There are 6 compartments to store shoes and 3 drawers to save some daily goods. The inner compartments are designed with different heights since the left cell is for high heel and tall boots. The bottom column without doors is user-friendly and people can conveniently change the slippers when coming back to home.


Size 41.34 x 15.75 x 39.57 inch
Shoe capacity 16-20 pairs
Color White & Walnut
Material MDF
With Stool or not No
Review from One Customer “A nice-looking shoe cabinet to keep my slippers, sneakers, high heels and boots, etc.”
Minimalist Shoe Cabinet with 3 Doors
Minimalist Narrow Shoe Cabinet with 3 Doors

5. 15.75″ Modern Shoe Cabinet with Open Storage

This multi-purpose side cabinet is able to store shoes and books. The open storage at the bottom can ease your way to change shoes. The 8 inside compartments can contains up to 24 pairs which depends on the shoes’ size. It comes with 3 drawers over the compartments to organize your sundries. The freestanding shoe cabinet with legs, made of solid wood veneered MDF is right for minimalist entryway, dining room, living room, etc.


Size 47.24 x 15.75 x 40.35 inch
Shoe capacity 18-24 pairs
Color walnut
Material MDF
With Stool or not No
Review from One Customer “It have about 8 Compartments, very good to collecting, love it very much, it also have door to close, Can bring all the clutter to the door.”
Minimalist 3 Door Shoe Cabinet
Minimalist 3 Door Shoe Cabinet


No matter whether you are looking for a 12-pair shoe storage cabinet, 24-pair shoe storage cabinet, or even a shoe wardrobe for more pairs of shoes, POVISON’s shoe cabinets list can cover your needs and all of those organizers are suitable for various home style. For more shoe storage cabinets or console tables, browse the modern and luxury entryway ideas here.


FAQs about Shoe Storage Cabinets

What is the best way to store shoes in a small space?

Don’t want to abandon some old shoes but there is no any other space for shoe storage? You are able to solve the problem of shoe storing in small spaces with those tips:

  • Set an ultra-thin shoe cabinet near the doorway.
  • Use the shoe racks or baskets behind the door.
  • Install the shoe shelves in the corner space, such as the corner cabinet or the separating plates.
  • Hang the shoe organizer onto the wall to make full use of the vertical space.
  • Apply a shoe storage bench.
  • Place the shoe cabinet storage under the couch or bed with sliding drawers or shelves.

Not all solutions above are appropriate for your home while the first method – set an ultra-thin shoe cabinet near the doorway, e.g.: 6-inch thin cabinet with tipping-bucket design, would be right for most narrow spaces and also keep the chic style of your house.

Thin Shoe Cabinet Behind the Door
Thin Shoe Cabinet Behind the Door

How do you store your shoes without an entryway?

Actually, the shoe storage solutions above are also practical for a house without an entryway. If your house is big enough but without entryway, it is suggested to create a hallway space for shoe storage and console table so that you can separate the entryway from the living room. As there is no way to add a hallway, try the methods in Q1 to make use of the corner space, vertical space, underneath space and area behind the door.


(Updated on 2023/12/4: Modified the product collection.)

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