What you will consider when picking up a standard couch or deep seat sofa? Undoubtedly, comfort is the key factor so that people could chill out on it and get together chit-chat. Moreover, it will complete the living room and simultaneously express your aesthetic attitudes. How people think of a sofa:

  • 70% of people spend their perfect night on their sofas. – A survey from article.
  • It is the intimate time of my family when nestling on the couch together. – A user said.
  • Give softness and full of sense of security. – A user said.

Not only at home, a sofa in the office also is a communal seating platform for colleagues discussion and receive customers. Anyway, it must be the shining point of the spaces.


What is the Standard Depth of Sofa Seat?

It is uncertain since there are various opinions towards the standard depth of a sofa seat. To pick up the most cases, the seat depth, different from sofa depth, tends to be between 19 inches and 25 inches and an average depth ranges from 21 to 24 inches.

If you are looking for the sofa depth from the very front to the back of the couch, it is usually 35”. Learn more about the dimension of the sofa:

The Dimension of Sofa
The Dimension of Sofa

What is Considered A Deep Seat Sofa?

Compared with the average sofa depth, a deep seated sofa generally goes with over 25” deep for the seating or 35” from the front to the back, while the extra deep sofa tends to be over 47” deep.

What is the Most Comfortable Seat Depth for A sofa?

Actually, “how comfortable” depends on how tall you are so it is hard to balance all needs of the family members. However, extra cushions and pillows can well help you resolve the problem.

For a person is 6 feet or taller, a sofa with 23 to 25 inches deep is better, while the seat depth of 21” to 22” inches can fit for most persons. As you would like to lie down on the couch, a deeper seating piece might be greater.

8 Comfortable Deep Seated Sofas Perfect for Your Living Spaces

Here is the list of our top deep seat sofas, which are perfect for your living room and easy to match with other furniture pieces.

Minimalist Deep Seat Sofa with Pillow Top Arms

Dimension: 86.61 x 43.30 x 30.71 inch

Color: Beige; Dark Gray; Orange; Khaki; Yellow; Navy

Pricing: $1899


Whether you are finding a 2 seater sofa or 3 seater couch for your living room, this deep modular sofa, made of scratch proof fabric, high density foam cushions, wooden legs, can well promise the stability and firmness. Its versatility makes it as both a couch or daybed when flipping down the backrest. The pillow top arms and large backreset provide great comfort to the sitter.

Review: While there are thousands of sofa choices to shop online, finding our exact match is a lot easier said than done. My ideal couch had to be the right size, good quality, stylish, and, of course, comfy. The Hamilton is a great pick for these requirements. Its soft, averagely deep cushions make it the perfect lounge-worthy option for us! Cozy and modern, it looks double its price. Not to mention that its armrest is wide enough! I love my couch and I highly recommend this!

Minimalist Modular Sofa with Track Arms

Dimension: 83.86 x 37.8 x 25.2 inch

Color: Beige; Dark Gray; Light Gray; Khaki; Yellow; Green

Pricing: $1599


The modern track arm sofa comes with scratch proof and waterproof fabric upholstery and solid wood frame. The built-in ultra-elastic spring and high resilience sponge will provide comfortable sitting experience. The wooden frame is FSC certified so it ensures sustainability and kid-friendliness.  The 25.19 inch deep seat provide cozy place for you, your family and your pets.

Review: This was a very good purchase. Color was just as advertised. Sturdy and comfortable. A beautiful center piece in my home. I have to say I was nervous ordering such a thing on line but extremely satisfied. Added the white glove delivery which was well worth the extra cost. Love this purchase. Also, delivery was earlier than originally set for.

Mid Century Modern Linen Couch with Slatted Platform

Dimension: 133.86″W x 39.37″D x 33.46″H

Color: Gray and Wood

Pricing: $3999


The gray sofa is very special and attractive due to its solid wood platform, featured with slatted style, and board-like base. The high quality cotton and linen of the cushions, backrests, armrests and pillows, give you a soft touching feel and add rustic vibe to your living space. There are 3 seaters for sitting together to share foods, movies and books.

Review: We love this sectional! It fits perfectly in our space and every seat is cozy. The pillows were a nice touch. The fabric seems durable and comfortable.

Gray Cotton Linen Sofa with Solid Wood Frame
Gray Cotton Linen Sofa with Solid Wood Frame

Lamb Fleece Couch with Deep Seating

Dimension: 114.17 x 43.30 x 25.59 inch

Color: Beige

Pricing: $2999


Coming with the irregular design, the deep seated couch is upholstered with soft lamb fleece fabric is right for modern, luxe home style. With 33.46 inches depth and , this track arm couch adds the greatest comfort and you would tend to spend all the day with it. The removable and washable cover make it easy to maintain.

Review: Love the couch. It came a week early, the staff was very helpful from start to finish. Super easy to assemble, great quality and very comfortable!

Deep Seat Lamb Fleece Couch
Deep Seat Lamb Fleece Couch

Suede Fabric Sofa with Tuxedo Arms

Dimension: 110.23 x 35.43 x 27.55 inch

Color: Dark Blue

Pricing: $2699


Indulge in the epitome of sophistication with our dark blue suede fabric couch featuring elegant tuxedo arms. This timeless piece combines luxurious comfort with a striking design, making it the perfect centerpiece for your living space. With 25.78 inch deep seat loveseat, experience relaxation and style like never before.

ReviewI was initially worried that the sofa wouldn’t match the decor in my home. However, to my surprise, the color of this sofa is incredibly beautiful, and the quality is superb. I’m really proud to have found such an excellent sofa. Povison’s service is truly exceptional.

Dark Blue Couch with Tuxedo Arms
Dark Blue Couch with Tuxedo Arms

Gray L-shaped Sofa with Track Arms

Dimension: 119.29 x 95.28 x 28.35 inch

Color: Gray

Pricing: $3299


Different from other couches, the 2 sections combine together to form a corner sofa or L shaped sofa, which provide 4 seaters with 26.3’’ depth and one chaise with 36.22’’ depth. It is easy to incorporate with most home or office styles, including formal, modern.

Review: The couch is beautiful and comfortable. It is on the more firm side which is good because it’ll allow us to break into without being overly too soft. We were nervous about ordering online but wanted to take gamble because we really liked the size and design. We are glad we did as it’s a beautiful starting piece to our living room.

Deep Couch with Ottoman

Tuxedo Arm Sofa with Solid Wood Legs

Dimension: 101.57 x 38.19 x 28.35 inch

Color: White

Pricing: $2399


Introduce timeless elegance to your home with our exquisite white couch with 28.74” depth, featuring refined rolled tuxedo arms and sturdy solid wood legs. This stunning piece seamlessly blends sophistication with durability, enhancing your living space’s charm. Revel in both comfort and style as you relax on this pristine centerpiece.

Review: This is my second buy from Povison! The couch perfectly fits in my small apartment giving a homey touch in the corner. The natural and warm beige color with the sturdy wooden leg easily matches with other interior. The material of the fabric is also soft and easy to clean makes it the best spot to relax at home! Very satisfied to buy!

White Couch with Tuxedo Arms
White Couch with Tuxedo Arms

Three-Seat Couch with Left Armrest

Dimension: 129.92’’W x 51.15”D x 26.77’’H

Color: Gray

Pricing: $3499


This lowline gray couch stands out strikingly among much more colorful sofas. It is featured with high quality cotton linen upholstery, only left arm, low backrest and irregular layout, which can be used as a couch or a daybed. The hidden carbon steel feet and wood frame ensure stability and long lifespan. It fits perfectly for modern, industrial, MCM living room or office, gallery.

Review: I brought it for replacing the old couch used for 7 years. Now I enjoy lying on this couch, like a chaise lounger.

Curved Couch with Left Arm
Curved Couch with Left Arm

Benefits of Having a Deep Seated Couch at Home

Investing in a deep-seated sofa is a decision that brings unparalleled comfort and style to your living space. The key benefit lies in the extra depth of the cushions, which allows you to sink in and fully relax. Whether you’re curling up with a good book, hosting gatherings with friends and family, or simply enjoying a moment of tranquility, a deep-seated sofa offers the perfect haven. Its generous seating area provides ample room for stretching out or snuggling up, making it a versatile and inviting addition to any home. With a deep-seated sofa, you not only enhance your comfort but also elevate the overall aesthetic of your living room, creating a luxurious and cozy atmosphere for all to enjoy.

Undoubtedly, it is comfortable to sit, lay and sleep on the deep seated couch at home. Which is your favorite?

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