We may only decorate our home for holidays with imitating others’ decoration but do not think about the symbols of the holidays. It is significant to learn about the meanings of the Christmas symbols and Christmas decorations ideas, which will assist you to well style your home to for Xmas atmosphere and get in touch with the spirit of the Christmas holiday.

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Five-sense Christmas Decoration Ideas That Stylish Homeowners Will Adore

The Popular Christmas Symbols & Meaning


  • Wreaths: The round wreaths, made of pine branches or holly, stand for the eternal love from the God. The sustainable circular shape means that the love never stops. It is usually placed on the wall or the center part of table.
Pre-Lit Artificial Xmas Tree
Pre-Lit Artificial Xmas Tree
  • Christmas Tree/ Evergreen Trees: It is the main symbol of Xmas. The Christmas tree often is styled by the evergreen tree, like castellated cedars and colorful lights, shinny scraps of paper. The all-year-green trees also represent eternity of mankind as well as the hope and youth. Trees are the good friends of human and they shelter us, give hope to us and create a pleasing view for us.
Artificial Christmas Tree
Artificial Christmas Tree
  • Holly: The barbed edges of the leaves remind us of the the crown of thorns of Jesus while the red berry lets us think of the blood he shed at that time. Although it seems horrible, the “Christ-thorn”is still the typical element of Christmas home decoration.


  • Stars: No matter in the interior space or outside street, star-shaped decors can be seen anywhere. It would appear on the top of the Christmas tree, lay on the serving tray, hang on the wreaths, etc. Star is on behalf of the star appearing on the sky after Jesus Christ was born, and this star led the wise men to visit him. Thus start, as the beacon light, will lead you to the destination and hope.


  • Candy Canes: It looks like the crook of the shepherds to hook sheep to food or drinks. It means that if you choose Jesus, he will protect and lead us to safety and peace.
Candy Cane for Tree Decor
Candy Cane for Tree Decor
  • Christmas Stockings: From 1800s, people would hang the socks beside the chimney. It originated from a story that an old man had not enough money to prepare dowry for his daughters and he didn’t accept the charity. Thus Nicholas placed the gold inside the socks of his daughters and hanged onto the fireplace. Now, the Santa Claus will save the gifts or candy inside socks for kids.
Christmas Stockings
Christmas Stockings
  • Christmas Gifts: As a gift holiday, Christmas is the time for gift exchange and sharing. It might be different from the traditions that the wise men brought gift to the baby Jesus, but Savior is the greatest gift of Christmas. Now people tend to save the presents in the socks or beside the Christmas tree as to keep mysterious before the gift unwrapping time.
Decorate for Christmas Vibe
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  • Santa Claus: Father Christmas originally refers to Nicholas, known as its kindness and generosity. Santa Claus is a must of the Christmas to deliver the gifts to children and the children tend to follow the Santa Claus to sing and dance.


  • Candles: It is one of the fastest ways and magical items to create a warm and pleasant atmosphere for holidays. Candles can be placed in any space: living room, bedroom, dining room and more, which will make you feel peaceful and safe.
Christmas Candles Decor
Christmas Candles Decor
  • Snowflakes: To keep the Winter vibe of the holiday, snowflakes-like items or paper snowflakes can bring the outside indoors.
Decorate with Snowflakes-like Items
Decorate with Snowflakes-like Items
  • Bells: As the bell rings, Christmas is getting stared. The lost sheep can find its group with the bell ringing as well as people can get the right direction when hearing the ring. Therefore, the bell represents back to the right track.
Christmas Bell
Christmas Bell Decor

New Year and Christmas Decoration Ideas 2022

  1. Set a “Merry Christmas” and “Happy New Year” doorway banner. It iwll create the Christmas atmosphere for the guests at the first sight.
  2. Bring Christmas tree inside the living room or sitting room.
  3. Go to the gold, e.g.: gold serving trays, gold rimmed Champagne glasses to enhance the colors and add charms to home.
  4. Balloons can go everywhere from the outdoor mailbox to entryway, and even living room, bedroom. Mount the balloons onto the wall or door, bind them up with the furniture or freely scatter them on the floors.
  5. Place the wreath string as the centerpiece of the tabletop or wall.
  6. Accent with socks full of snacks or gifts to leave surprises to the kids.
  7. Keep it Winter with snow or snow-like decors.
  8. Decorate with the candles or string light to give out warm and peaceful vibe.
  9. Set the snowman decor on the console table or sideboard.
  10. Hang or dress the red gloves and Christmas hat to fit for the Xmas home decor.

Hope you could enjoy this post about holiday decoration. Share your own Christmas decoration ideas with us, if you have.


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