Entryway Console Table Decor Ideas to Accent Your Space

Modern Entryway Console Table Ideas

A flexible console table that is both pretty and functional, can be decorated with some home accessories to transform the look of your home. Read on for the console table decorating ideas for daily and holiday.


1. What is A Console Table?

Console tables, also named entryway table, hallway table, generally are the long but narrow tables in the entryway and placed against the wall. It is the multi-functional furniture piece that can stand alone or match with other furniture pieces. The slender tabletop and shelves are mainly for displaying the artworks and decorative items, while some entryway tables are featured with drawers or racks to store more accessories to get rid of mess.

Modern and Luxury Console Table

Modern and Luxury Console Table

2. Where to Put a Console Table?

  • Will you settle an entryway table in the porch in front of the door or in the garden? The outdoor console table with or without storage is able to display your green plants, flowers or some daily items, like umbrella, hats and that sort of stuff.
  • In a foyer or hallway, a transition from outdoor to inside space, a stylish console table is the shining piece to leave a great first impression to your guests and keep yourself in a good mood when back to home.
  • In a living room, the console table can be positioned against a wall, which also plays the same role as in the entryway. Additionally, it can transform as a sofa table to match to the couch; or even function as a media console.
  • A console table is also a good idea as a sideboard in the dining room area. At this time, it aims to provide extra space for storing the dishes, cups, decor items and more to cater for the dining table set.
Entryway Table for Dining Room

Entryway Table for Dining Room

  • When the changing console table comes in the bedroom, your sleeping space also gets flexible and chic. As a console table with mirror and stool, it becomes a makeup vanity or a writing desk. It can replace the bedside table when coming with drawers or just function as a decorative table with lamps, vase, album and so on.


3. Entryway Console Table Decor Ideas to Style Your Living Space

Small moves can make big changes. Thus those minimal steps to style the console table would create a focal point of your space. Browse the entryway console table decor ideas to create a delicate sight for your family and guests.

  • Keep it natural. People tend to get the natural elements indoors and console table is one of the best place to display your attitude toward the nature. Use the neutral colored items with the similar texture to organic stone or wood patterns to create the natural vibe on the entryway tabletop. It is also fantastic to bring the rattan elements and plants to the table.
Bring Natural Elements to Console Table

Bring Natural Elements to Console Table

  • Avoid messy appearance. Don’t go overboard to style the tabletop. No matter it is a carefully-selective furniture for home or a DIY piece, the console table should keep its original shape and slightly decorate with simple items, especially for a short hallway table.


  • Pick up an anchor. Every room decoration starts with an anchor, the large part of the space. So does the console table decoration. A large wall photo, a table lamp or mirror can be such piece. Then other things should go with this piece.
Luxury Console Table with Circle Base

Luxury Console Table with Circle Base

  • Green plants and flowers are widely selected to style the console table. This option certainly is a way to keep the organic vibe to the interior. Moreover, the houseplants need you to spend time in cultivating, and if you use it to decorate your home, it will reflect your positive attitude toward life.


  • Vase and jar decor to enhance the tabletop, which often appears with the greenery and flowers. For a small console table, a elegant glass vase with flowers is the great option to style the entryway with minimalist design. The vase also can come with other artworks to enhance the console table.
Vase Decor for Console Table

Vase Decor for Console Table

  • Styling with an accent mirror is an awesome table decorating idea. A mirror over the entryway table can reflect the light and make the space visually larger.

Elegant Sunburst Mirror

  • Table lamp brings aesthetics and function. Most US families own table lamps but the may not be placed on console table. A classic table lamp can light up your way on the entry at night and create a unique look to the entryway.
Unique Table Lamp for Entryway

Unique Table Lamp for Entryway

  • Use books to add literary temperament. If the console table is equipped with open shelves, try the book decoration. Put the books and magazines on the shelves or racks to exude literary heritage. The metal console table styled with book decor gives out a classic look of your home.


  • Go with decorative trays. The decorative trays can sit flat on the tabletop to contain other ornaments or stand alone to embellish the tabletop.
Decorative Trays to Style Tabletop

Decorative Trays to Style Tabletop

If you care too much about the symmetry of the layout, you are able to place a pair of decorative items above.

4. FAQ about Console Table Decor

Is there difference between console table vs side table?

Of course. The definition of a console table has been clear in Part one and two. It is an individual piece that can be the highlight of the space. Yet side tables are the versatile tables serving for other pieces, which might serve as an end table beside the sofa or accent chair, a small coffee table in the living room. On the other hand, a narrow side table with storage can work as a nightstand in bedroom.

Furthermore, the long console table tends to be rectangular or oval, while the side table can be round, square, rectangle or others. And the entryway tables would usually be higher than the side tables. Both of them can be well transformed with the console table decor ideas in Part 3.

Narrow Marble White Side Table

Narrow Marble White Side Table

Can it be a sofa table?

Yes. As the post mentioned above, when the console table is settled against the back of the sofa, it becomes a sofa table. It offers space to store books, albums, accessories to complete the decoration, which will create a balanced look between the couch and wall.


How to choose a console table for home?

  • Make sure where you will put the table in.Even though the console table can be positioned to different areas, there are some different element to influence your decision. For example, if you place it outdoor, it is necessary to select the weatherproof material.
  • Measuring the space is always the foremost thing to choose a right console table.Leave the comfortable space for your walking after putting an entryway table in any room.
  • Consider the function.If the table piece is just for decorating, the appearance is the prominent factor while if you tend to store some items inside, the console table must come with drawers or shelves. Once you are looking for a versatile table for any room, please turn to a movable hallway table with wheels. In addition, a console table with magazine racks can make your home decluttered and ease your way to read.
  • Match the table to your style.As a piece in the living space, it must match with other furniture and wall decor. Pick up the one for the interior style and keep its color consistent.


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