POVISON has always striven to deliver premium furniture that combines timeless design with superior quality. Recently, it stepwise completed the brand refresh and announced the new Premier membership program to provide a number of exclusive benefits for members.

The brand manager of POVISON told: “Experience ease in your home and in your life. A house is physical, but a home is a feeling. At Easy Assembly, we understand that furniture assembly can be a hassle. That’s why we create furniture you’ll love without the frustration. Our pieces ship flat-packed for easy assembly – just unfold, lock into place, and you’re done in a few minutes . That’s the Easy Assembly guarantee. Let’s create an easy-going lifestyle together – the POVISON way.” Therefore, POVISON will focus more on providing sustainable and easy-assembled furniture that are designed for PLUS sizes or PLUS family.

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What Does POVISON Tend to Bring to the Customers?

Made for Longevity.

From the beginning, POVISON would choose the right materials to ensure the longevity and recyclability of our products. It always uses super-durable materials that are either already recycled or recyclable. Every aspect of our products, from design to materials to craftsmanship, is focused on ensuring their quality. Each product is made to the highest standards and is intended to be a long-term addition to the home.

Made for Longevity
Made for Longevity

Committed to sustainable brand.

The brand is committed to creating environmentally friendly furniture products, which make your home oasis. For this goal, POVISON insists on doing things that are beneficial to the environment from products to public welfare activities. POVISON recognizes the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) as an important tool to promote responsible forest management.

Sustainability Commitment
Sustainability Commitment

Design for More.

Adaptability is key. POVISON will design furniture to work across a wide range of spaces. Its supersized furniture is perfect for plus-sized families, providing more than enough room for everyone to sit together and enjoy family time. The plus-sized furniture offers extra-large comfort for plus-sized people. It believes that furniture should be loved and cared for by people of all sizes

Design For More
Design For More

Simple assembly that makes comfort possible.

Assembly is relatively easy. From the initial design to the packaging and delivery, POVISON strives to minimize the complexity of furniture installation, especially for items like sofas and TV stands. POVISON offers even large pieces of furniture that are easy for the user to assemble.

Simple Assembly
Simple Assembly

Caring from the beginning.

Take the stress out of an already stressful move. POVISON will deliver the product to the customers’ home and, if needed, unbox it and place it in the specified room. POVISON also takes care of any waste generated during the process.

Caring from Beginning
Caring from Beginning

What’s New with POVISON Furniture Refresh?

POVISON announced that it only owns three official websites now: www.povison.com, us.povison.com, ca.povison.com.

Moreover, POVISON updated lots of items for branding and user experience:


  1. Logo, tagline, brand value updated.
  2. VI, UI, Intellectual Property Cartoons updated.

User Experience:

  1. Introduced Premier Membership Program (only $99/year during July 6 to July 10; generally $129 per year for exclusive monthly discount, free inside room service and giveaway).
  2. Released a series of FSC verified products for sustainability.
  3. In-site search was optimized for quickly locating the ideal product.
  4. The element of delivery days was upgraded for clear display.
  5. Added Trustpilot rating to the site to let the customers know the most realistic feedback.
  6. Optimized the editing panels to improve the working efficiency of the employee.


Finally, it is exciting to announce that POVISON Day Sales are just around the corner! Mark your calendars (from July 11 to August 2) for this highly anticipated event where you can take advantage of exceptional discounts and promotions on a wide selection of our furniture. Whether you’re looking to revamp your living room or add a touch of elegance to your bedroom, POVISON Day Sales will offer incredible opportunities to elevate your space at unbeatable prices.

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