In the world of beauty enthusiasts, a burgeoning makeup collection often brings joy and excitement. However, the challenge arises when that expansive assortment leads to clutter. Fear not, as we embark on a journey to unveil innovative “Makeup Storage Ideas to Declutter Your Collection,” ensuring a seamless and organized beauty routine.

How do you store a lot of makeup?

When faced with an extensive makeup collection, efficient storage is paramount to keep your beauty products organized and easily accessible. Consider investing in a variety of storage solutions to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing makeup storage system.

  1. Drawer Dividers:

Utilize drawer dividers to compartmentalize your makeup essentials. This helps prevent items from getting jumbled together and allows for easy identification of each product. Some makeup vanities are featured with built-in dividers, so it will save your time in measuring and finding suitable dividers for the vanity drawers.

Declutter Makeup in Vanity Desk
Declutter Makeup in Vanity Desk
  1. Transparent Containers:

Opt for transparent containers to store smaller items such as lipsticks, eyeliners, and brushes. Clear containers make it easy to locate specific products without the need to rummage through multiple containers.

Use Containers to Store Makeup Items
Use Containers to Store Makeup Items


  1. Magnetic Boards:

For compact products like eyeshadows and blushes, attach magnetic strips to the back and store them on a magnetic board. This not only saves space but also provides a visually appealing way to showcase your makeup collection.

  1. Rotating Organizers:

Invest in rotating organizers or turntable-style storage units. These are particularly useful for storing larger items like skincare products, foundations, and larger palettes. The rotating feature ensures easy access to all your products.

  1. Wall-Mounted Shelves:

Maximize vertical space by installing wall-mounted shelves. This is an effective way to display your makeup collection like an art installation, while also freeing up counter or drawer space. It is one of the best makeup storage ideas for small spaces.

Wall-Mount Floating Dressing Table
Wall-Mount Floating Dressing Table
  1. Customized Storage Solutions:

Consider customizing your storage solutions to fit the unique dimensions of your makeup products. This might involve creating dividers or compartments tailored to the size and shape of your various items.

  1. Travel-Friendly Cases:

For those who travel frequently, invest in travel-friendly cases with compartments designed to secure your makeup items in transit. These cases not only protect your products but also keep them organized on the go.


What is the best storage for lots of makeup?

Choosing the best storage for your extensive makeup collection depends on your personal preferences, the available space, and the types of products you own. Here are some top recommendations for effective makeup storage:

  1. Acrylic Makeup Storage Organizers:

Acrylic organizers are a popular choice for makeup storage due to their transparency, durability, and sleek appearance. These organizers often come with various compartments, drawers, and sections for different types of products.

  1. Vanity with Built-In Storage:

Invest in a vanity with built-in storage options. This provides a dedicated space for your makeup routine, with drawers and shelves designed to accommodate a variety of products.

Makeup Storage Ideas: Vanity with Built-in Shelves
Makeup Storage Ideas: Vanity with Built-in Shelves
  1. Multi-Tiered Drawers:

Multi-tiered drawers offer a tiered design that allows you to categorize your makeup products efficiently. This type of storage is great for maximizing space while keeping everything accessible.

Black Makeup Vanity Table with Lighted Mirror
Makeup Vanity Table with Lighted Mirror
  1. Stackable Storage Bins:

Stackable storage bins are a versatile option, allowing you to customize your storage based on the available space. These bins can be stacked or arranged in various configurations to suit your needs.

  1. Pull-Out Trays:

Consider storage units with pull-out trays, providing easy access to your makeup items. This design prevents the need to reach deep into drawers, ensuring that every product is within reach.

  1. Custom-Made Furniture:

If you have a considerable makeup collection, consider investing in custom-made furniture with designated compartments and storage solutions. This ensures that every item has its own place, minimizing clutter.

  1. Hanging Wall Storage:

Hanging wall storage, such as shelves or grids, is an excellent way to display your makeup collection while saving counter and drawer space. It adds a decorative touch to your space while keeping everything organized.



Is it better to store makeup in bedroom or bathroom?

  1. Consideration of Humidity:

The bathroom, with its fluctuating humidity levels, may not be the ideal place for storing makeup. Humidity can compromise the quality of certain products, leading to clumping, mold growth, or changes in texture. Therefore, the bedroom, where humidity is typically more stable, is a better choice for makeup storage.

  1. Temperature Control:

Bedrooms usually offer better temperature control compared to bathrooms, where temperature fluctuations can occur due to hot showers or cold weather. Stable temperatures help preserve the integrity of makeup products, preventing them from melting or freezing.

  1. Natural Light Exposure:

Exposure to natural light can degrade the quality of makeup products. Bedrooms, often equipped with curtains or blinds, provide better light control than bathrooms with windows. Consider storing your makeup away from direct sunlight to maintain its quality.

  1. Limited Space in Bathrooms:

Bathrooms are generally smaller spaces with limited storage options. Storing makeup in the bedroom allows for more customizable and dedicated storage solutions, ensuring that every product has its designated place.

  1. Hygiene Concerns:

Bathrooms can harbor more bacteria and germs than bedrooms. Storing makeup in a cleaner environment, such as the bedroom, reduces the risk of contamination and helps maintain the hygiene of your beauty products.

Bedroom Makeup Vanity with Storage
Bedroom Makeup Vanity with Storage

What to do if you have too much makeup?

  1. Declutter Regularly:

Assess your makeup collection regularly and declutter items that are expired, damaged, or no longer in use. This not only frees up space but also ensures that you are using products that are still safe and effective.

  1. Create a Capsule Collection:

Consider creating a capsule collection of your favorite and most frequently used makeup products. This minimalist approach allows you to streamline your routine and prevents the accumulation of excess products.

  1. Donate or Share Unused Items:

If you have unopened or lightly used makeup items that you no longer need, consider donating them to friends, family, or local charities. Sharing your makeup products can bring joy to others while reducing your own collection.

  1. Set Limits on New Purchases:

Establishing limits on new makeup purchases can help prevent your collection from growing uncontrollably. Before buying a new product, evaluate whether it fills a gap in your collection or if it’s an impulse purchase.

  1. Rotate Products Regularly:

Implement a rotation system for your makeup products to ensure that everything gets used. This helps prevent products from expiring before you have the chance to enjoy them fully.

  1. Use Multifunctional Products:

Opt for multifunctional makeup products that serve multiple purposes. This reduces the need for excessive products and simplifies your routine.

  1. Seek Professional Advice:

If you find it challenging to manage your makeup collection on your own, consider seeking advice from a professional organizer or makeup artist. They can provide personalized tips and strategies for effective organization and decluttering.

Declutter Makeup Items Regularly
Declutter Makeup Items Regularly


Anyway, the key to managing a large makeup collection lies in thoughtful organization, strategic storage solutions, and regular maintenance. As for me, I will pick up a bedroom makeup vanity with storage to collect the items since it can also add style and vitality to the space. Welcome to share your makeup storage ideas with us.

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