Delving into the realm of dining table choices, the decision between pedestal and leg styles demands thoughtful consideration. Balancing aesthetics and functionality, each design brings distinct advantages and drawbacks. This article navigates the nuances of pedestal vs. leg dining tables, providing insights to help you pinpoint the ideal base style for your dining area.

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Pedestal vs Leg Dining Tables: Pros and Cons

What is pedestal dining table?

A pedestal dining table is characterized by a single central support, often a column or a pillar, that holds up the tabletop. This design is in contrast to leg dining tables, which have four individual legs supporting the tabletop.

Marble Table with Black Base
Marble Table with Black Base

Pros of Pedestal Dining Tables:

  • Space Efficiency:

Pedestal tables are renowned for their space-saving design. With a single support instead of four legs, these tables provide more legroom, making them ideal for smaller dining spaces.

  • Versatility in Seating:

The absence of corner legs allows for more flexible seating arrangements. You can easily accommodate extra guests without the hindrance of table legs, creating a more comfortable and inviting dining experience.

  • Aesthetic Appeal:

Pedestal tables often exude an elegant and sophisticated look. The streamlined design and absence of clutter under the table contribute to a cleaner and more visually appealing dining area.

  • Stability:

Despite having a single support, pedestal tables are designed for stability. Quality craftsmanship ensures that the table can bear the weight of the tabletop and any items placed on it without compromising stability.


Cons of Pedestal Dining Tables:

  • Limited Tabletop Size:

The single central support imposes limitations on the size of the tabletop. Larger dining tables may require additional support to maintain stability, compromising the sleek pedestal design.

  • Less Storage Space:

The absence of legs means there is no space underneath the table for storage. This might be a drawback if you prefer having the option to store items beneath the dining table.

  • Potential for Tipping:

Although stability is a key feature, some pedestal tables may have a higher center of gravity, making them more prone to tipping if excessive force is applied to the tabletop edges.


What is leg dining table?

Leg dining tables generally have four separate legs supporting the tabletop. These legs can vary in design, from simple straight legs to more elaborate and decorative styles. Or they can be made of different materials: solid wood, metal, plastic, etc.

Glass Top Table with Legs
Glass Top Table with Legs

Pros of Leg Dining Tables:

  • Tabletop Variety:

Leg dining tables can accommodate larger tabletops without sacrificing stability, so it is suitable for those who require a more expansive dining surface.

  • Ample Storage Space:

The presence of four legs creates space under the table for additional storage. This feature can be advantageous if you need a place to store dining-related items or decorative elements.

  • Customization Options:

Leg tables offer a wide range of design possibilities. The variety in leg styles allows for customization to match your aesthetic preferences and complement your existing décor.

  • Sturdy Construction:

With four points of contact with the floor, leg tables are inherently stable. This design is especially beneficial for larger tables that need extra support.


Cons of Leg Dining Tables:

  • Limited Legroom:

The four legs of a leg table can restrict legroom, especially for those seated at the corners of the table. This may be a consideration for smaller dining spaces where maximizing space is crucial.

  • Challenging Seating Arrangements:

The presence of legs at the corners can complicate seating arrangements, making it less flexible compared to pedestal tables. Extra caution is needed to ensure everyone has comfortable seating.

  • Visual Clutter:

Some individuals find the presence of four legs visually cluttered, especially in smaller spaces. This can impact the overall aesthetic and openness of the dining area.


Representatives of pedestal dining table & leg dining table

Pedestal Dining Table Reviews

U Shaped Pedestal Dining Table

Select the matte or glossy sintered stone top for the stylish pedestal dining room table featuring with U shaped carbon steel base. The metal pedestal can ensure stability and durability while the stain resistant sintered stone will ease your life in daily cleaning.

U Shaped Pedestal Table
U Shaped Pedestal Table

Chic Creamy Pedestal Dining Table

The creamy white conical pedestal with ribbed patterns does not only add the elegance to the space, but also provides the great support to the sintered stone tabletop. The metal pedestal is upholstered by the microfiber leather to increase its beauty.

Creamy Pedestal Dining Table
Creamy Pedestal Dining Table

Black Pedestal Extendable Dining Table

The diamond shaped pedestal in the center of the table bottom, so it can ensure the strong support for the tabletop, no matter you use it in the normal size or extendable size. It well fit for both small and large dining room.

Extendable Rectangular Table with Leaf
Extendable Rectangular Table with Leaf

Glass Round Pedestal Dining Table

People would love glass top due to its transparent and sleek design. When glass top meets with sintered stone lazy susan, they form into the clean, bright, temporary artwork. The carbon steel pedestal with unique hollow-out design will make the table not so boring.

Round Extendable Table
Round Extendable Table

Creamy Double Pedestal Oval Dining Table

Similar to the second one, this oval dining table comes with double pedestals featuring ribbed patterns, which is very popular among the KOL in Instagram and Tiktok. This glossy sintered stone top table and two half-cylindrical pedestals with gold-plated stainless steel frame complements glam and contemporary decor style.

Oval Dining Table with Double Pedestal
Oval Dining Table with Double Pedestal

Leg Dining Table Reviews

Gold Leg Dining Table with Faux Marble Top

Infuse your dining area with timeless glamour using the gold leg dining table with a rectangular faux marble top. The gilded legs exude sophistication, perfectly complementing the sleek faux marble surface. This table effortlessly combines modern aesthetics with a touch of luxury, creating a stylish centerpiece for your dining gatherings.

Best Rug for Under Dining Table
Golden Leg Dining Table

Flexible Double Cross Leg Dining Table

Achieve seamless adaptability with the extendable dining table featuring double cross legs. This functional and stylish piece effortlessly accommodates various settings, from cozy dinners to expansive gatherings. The sturdy construction ensures reliability, while the elegant design adds a touch of sophistication to your dining space, marrying form and function effortlessly.

Folding Dining Table with Chairs
Folding Dining Table with Chairs

Gray Cross Leg Dining Room Table

Enhance your dining space with the gray cross leg dining room table. The modern design, featuring stylish cross legs, adds a contemporary touch. The versatile gray hue effortlessly complements various decor styles, providing a chic and timeless centerpiece for your dining area that balances sophistication with practicality.

Black Leg Dining Table
Black Leg Dining Table

Classic 4 Leg Dining Table with Glass Top

Crafted for enduring elegance, such a sleek dining table boasts a thick glass top supported by four sturdy solid wood legs. The minimalist design seamlessly blends sophistication with durability, offering a timeless centerpiece for your dining space. The combination of glass and wood creates a chic aesthetic that effortlessly complements any decor style.

Glass Top Table with Legs
Glass Top Table with Legs

Traditional Ash Wood Dining Table with 4 Legs

POVISON traditional ash wood dining table exudes timeless charm with its classic design featuring four sturdy legs. Crafted from quality ash wood, this table embodies durability and elegance. The natural finish enhances the wood’s inherent beauty, creating a warm and inviting centerpiece for your dining room that stands the test of time.

Solid Wood Kitchen Table
Solid Wood Kitchen Table

Round Faux Marble 3 Leg Dining Table

Embrace modern luxury with this round faux marble dining table, adorned with three sleek silver colored legs. The faux marble surface adds sophistication and durability, while the minimalist design ensures a contemporary aesthetic. This table effortlessly combines style and functionality, creating an elegant focal point for your dining space.

Lazy Susan Table with 3 Legs
Lazy Susan Table with 3 Legs

How big should the base be for pedestal table?

The size of the base for a pedestal table is a critical factor in ensuring stability and functionality. The general rule of thumb is that the base should be at least half the width of the tabletop. This ensures that the center of gravity is low enough to prevent tipping while providing adequate support.

However, for larger pedestal tables, it may be necessary to increase the size of the base to maintain stability. Manufacturers often provide guidelines or specifications regarding the recommended base size for their pedestal tables, taking into account the dimensions and weight distribution.

When determining the base size, consider the shape of the tabletop as well. Round tabletops typically require smaller bases compared to rectangular or oval ones. Additionally, the material of the base and its construction play a role in the overall stability of the table.

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