Urban Modern Living Room Furniture Ideas

Besides the bedroom, the living room is the place where we spend most of our time in. We would watch TVs, play games, chat with family and friends, etc. in this living area. To style a urban modern living room, both aesthetic and functional, explore those three living room furniture layout ideas here. 

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Idea 1. Black Living Room Table with Gray Sofa

The living interior design with golden lines on the wall showcases the urban modernity. Such sofa hues match well to that black TV table and coffee table.

Idea 2. White and Wooden Living Room Set

This living room features plenty of neutral colors but it is not boring. It adds both comfort and style to the spaces due to the combination of light wood and white color.

Idea 3. Contemporary Living Room Set

If you like watching movies at home, this living room set must be your favorite. The projector TV cabinet with elegant design, a round pedestal living room table, a green accent chair come together to provide a comfortable environment for enjoying movies, fitting well for the cities’ living.