Side tables are often underestimated heroes, capable of transforming spaces both functionally and aesthetically. Beyond their conventional role as mere companions to sofas and chairs, side tables can be versatile additions, offering practical solutions and opportunities for creative styling. Discover a myriad of practical ways to utilize and style side tables, unlocking their potential to elevate your home’s functionality and visual appeal. From clever storage solutions to artistic displays, these furnishings have more to offer than meets the eye.

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Ways to Use Your Side Table

Your side table is more than just a piece of furniture; it’s a versatile addition to your living space that can serve multiple functions. Explore these creative ways to make the most out of your side table and enhance both the functionality and aesthetic appeal of your room.

1. Functional Storage Solutions

Your side table can be a discreet storage solution. Choose side tables with drawers or shelves to store items like remotes, chargers, or reading materials. This not only keeps clutter at bay but also ensures that essential items are within arm’s reach when you need them.

3-Layer Wood Side Table
Style Side Table with Books

2. Showcasing Personal Style

Use your side table as a canvas to express your personal style. Incorporate decorative items that reflect your interests, such as small sculptures, framed photos, or unique trinkets. This not only adds character to the room but also makes the side table a conversation starter.

Wooden Side Table
Style Wooden Side Table

3. Create a Cozy Reading Nook

If you love to curl up with a good book, your side table can become a crucial element of a cozy reading nook. Place a small reading lamp on the table along with a basket of your favorite books. This setup invites you to unwind and enjoy a quiet reading session in the comfort of your living room.

Rustic Bedside Table without Drawers
Rustic Bedside Table without Drawers

4. Artistic Displays

Turn your side table into a mini art gallery by displaying small pieces of artwork. This could include framed paintings, sculptures, or even a collection of art books. Experiment with different heights and textures to create a visually appealing and dynamic display.

5. Functional Workspace Extension

For those who work or study from home, your side table can serve as a convenient extension of your workspace. Place a laptop or tablet on the table, add a stylish desk lamp, and you have a functional and compact workspace right in your living room. This is especially useful for those who prefer a change of scenery from the traditional home office.


How to Decorate Side Table for Living Room

Now that you have explored various ways to use your side table, let’s start to style side table with chic ideas. Elevate the overall look of your living room by paying attention to the details and incorporating these tips for a well-styled side table.

1. Start with a Theme

Give your side table a cohesive and curated look by choosing a theme. This could be based on color, style, or a specific motif that complements the overall decor of your living room. A themed approach helps tie together disparate elements and creates a harmonious visual appeal.

Light Luxury Irregular Side Table
Light Luxury Irregular Side Table

2. Balance and Symmetry

Achieve a visually pleasing arrangement by maintaining balance and symmetry on your side table. If you have a lamp on one side, consider adding a matching element on the opposite side, such as a decorative vase or candle holder. This creates a sense of equilibrium and order.

3. Layering for Depth

Create visual interest by incorporating layers on your side table. Instead of placing items in a flat arrangement, use varying heights to add depth. For example, you can place a stack of books, topped with a small plant or decorative box. This layering technique adds dimension and makes the display more engaging.

4. Mixing Materials and Textures

Introduce diversity to your side table by mixing different materials and textures. Combine elements like glass, metal, wood, and fabric to add richness and complexity to the visual composition. This eclectic mix prevents the arrangement from looking monotonous and adds a touch of sophistication.

Glass Side Table with Shelves
Glass End Table with Shelves

5. Seasonal Switch-Ups

Keep things fresh by styling side table decor with the changing seasons. In spring, incorporate fresh flowers or vibrant greens. In autumn, opt for warm-toned candles or decorative pumpkins. This not only reflects the current season but also breathes new life into your living room decor throughout the year.

6. Personal Touch with Keepsakes

Infuse your side table with sentimental value by incorporating personal keepsakes. Whether it’s a cherished family photo, a souvenir from a memorable trip, or an heirloom piece, these items add a personal touch to your living room and make your side table truly unique.



How Tall Should a Side Table Be?

Generally, the side table stands next to sofa, so it should be within 2 inches of the height of sofa’s arm. For instance, if the sofa’s arm measures 22 inches in height, an appropriate side table could range from 20 to 24 inches in height. However, if you place the side table next to the bed, it should be within 5 inches of the height of the mattress’ top.

Square Narrow Side Table
Square Narrow End Table

How Wide Should a Side Table Be?

The typical width for a side table ranges from 16 to 22 inches. When selecting a side table, ensure that its surface provides ample space for items such as books, plants, or table lamps. Also, leave a small gap of a few inches between the side table and the sofa for optimal arrangement.


How Deep Should a Side Table Be?

The depth of a side table should not exceed that of the adjacent sofa or chair it accompanies.

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