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Povison provides eco-friendly and sustainable home decor with the mission of protecting our planet.

We believe that whether your furniture does harm to nature and how it is made are just

as important as style, functionality, and aesthetics.

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Quality Assured
Best factories
We have a set of strict audit standards to select factories for cooperation.We spent lots of time finding the best factories—the same ones that use the environmentally friendly materials. We need to visit at least 10 factories, then we can only select one that meets our environmental standards. It is a high elimination rate. Each factory is given a compliance audit to evaluate factors like fair wages, reasonable hours, and the environment.
Sustainable material
We are trying our best to ensure that most materials we use are harmless and sustainable, for example, solid wood, and engineered wood.
The solid wood we use is from trees that grow sustainably in legally developed forests in Southeast Asia. Our panels from the furniture are certified to meet Grade E0 Standard—one of the highest formaldehyde emission standards for plywood, hardwood plywood sheets, and other panels wood-based. E0 grade plywood can be directly used as interior material without additional treatment.
We’re also taking some minor yet positive steps to reduce our pollution impact on the planet. We endeavor to eliminate all unnecessary plastic from our product packaging. We believe that some small changes can make a big difference finally.
Quality inspection
Before product dispatch, we adopt a set of strict testing procedures to check the quality of the product: whether the surface is smooth, whether it is damaged and whether the door and drawer are flexible in opening and closing, and some other procedures alike. We hope to ensure that every product is complete and qualified before the product is shipped.
If the product you received is unfortunately damaged caused by logistics and transportation, please feel free to contact our customer service team to get a satisfactory solution.
Well-designed Works
More than design
Nice design, enough? Definitely not. In designing high-quality home decor, the designer needs to take many factors into accounts, such as price, style, function, quality, and sustainability.
Pricing research we did gives us an idea of what similar products or services in this market sell for, and what you expect to pay for. Then we will select the best quality materials and the best craftsmanship to produce in this price range. Given the packaging and transportation of the product, we make the design more flexibly and consider how to split or combine the parts to optimize the packaging and installation for your convenience. Our products strike a balance between design and practicality, with either multi-function or large storage space. Quality and sustainability are the mission we always keep in mind. We are confident that high-quality and well-designed furniture shouldn’t cost the earth.
Designed for coziness
With your comfort in mind, we have a preference for curved silhouettes and smooth lines ——which protect against injuries from sharp edges and corners. Gold-clad metal legs, velvet, fabric, or leather upholstered tops, high-resilience cushions, soft rugs, and other premium home decor collections, you will be ravished by the most comfortable feel in your place with our fine design and premium texture.
If you need more storage space, our products are sure to cater to your needs.
Talented designers
We have talented designers. We are honored to have the two brilliant interior designers Dann Foley and Anthony Venetucci with us.
Dann is an accomplished award-winning product/interior designer and TV personality. He has a passion for living well and teaches his clients how to do the same through great design and making the right choices.
Anthony is an expert in interior renovations of all the guest suites, common areas, and event spaces,and he also has a unique perspective of patio and garden décor.
We are expecting more talented designers to join our team.
Price Transparency
We believe our customers have a right to know how much their furniture cost to make. We reveal the true costs behind all of our products—from materials to labor to transportation. We are here to offer the well-designed furniture to you, minus the traditional retail markup.
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